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Facility Engagement is critical in providing good quality patient care. Everyone is now collaborating around quality goals and successfully managing important changes. — Dustin Spratt, Manager of ER, CCU, ICU, Campbell River & Comox Valley

This is an exercise in relationships; setting a foundation that allows us to grow as an organization, as people, as a team, as partners in care. — Dr. Harsh Hundal, Executive Medical Director for Interior Health Physician Engagement

What is changing? Being able to be transparent with each other from a health administration as well as a physician perspective… And having great communication in a respectful environment. — Dr. Aryn Khan, Vanderhoof

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Physician-led lung cancer pathway reduces time to treatment for patients : Apr 12, 2021

Dr. Jeremy Ho, an Oncologist at Richmond Hospital (RH) and Dr. Karen Ung, an RH Pathologist, engaged interdisciplinary colleagues in the creation of a new pathway for the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. Together, they reduced the average turnaround time from biopsy to treatment from 55.7 days to 34.5 days – a drop of more than 21 days and stellar success that has potential to be used for other cancers and at other hospitals.

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