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Appointment & Onboarding

Appointment and onboarding are terms that apply to employees and the employer-employee relationship. Appointment refers to collecting all of the critical information to set them up as an employee within your organization. Onboarding is the process of equipping new employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to become an effective team member.

In the case of independent contractors, the employer is responsible for setting up a method to pay the independent contractor and for ensuring that the project deliverables and/or service requirements are articulated and clear for successful execution.

This section outlines the steps required to ensure an independent contractor is set up for success.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please consult your Engagement Partner.


Best Practice:

  • Set up a meeting with the independent contractor to review at minimum:
    • Terms and conditions of the contractor agreement
    • Contract deliverables or services
    • Communication requirements and/or expectations



  • Conduct an official review of the deliverables based on an established timeline.

Best Practice:

  • Have regular meetings to keep job/project deliverables on pace and to avoid surprises.
  • Use these meetings as an opportunity to clarify expectations and ensure projects are on track.