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Elevate your engagement efforts!

The Facility Engagement Provincial Summit held in April 2024 brought together the most influential voices and minds in healthcare to share essential insights and strategies to shape the future of Facility Engagement. Watch for the Summit report to come.

Event objectives

  • Reinvigorate our collective commitment to Facility Engagement.
  • Explore opportunities and challenges in our partnerships.
  • Determine the next steps for advancing the Facility Engagement Initiative.
  • Celebrate Facility Engagement’s 10-year anniversary!

Summit Agenda

Summit Poster Collection - See 35 MSAs in action!

Poster collection: PDF


Event Learning Objectives
  1. Engage in discussions on timely topics and innovative solutions implemented by their colleagues to current challenges.
  2. Acquire key knowledge of how the FE initiative is being applied to make a significant difference in healthcare.
  3. Apply tactics and processes learned from other site’s successes and challenges.
  4. Determine the next steps for advancing the Facility Engagement Initiative.
What to Expect  

Inspiration: Our presenters will inspire and ignite your passion for advancing healthcare. Learn from experts who have paved the way for transformative change.

Collaboration: Connect with like-minded professionals, healthcare leaders, and experts in the field. Forge invaluable connections that will enhance your ability to drive Facility Engagement initiatives.

Education: Benefit from lightning talks, panel discussions, and breakouts that will deepen your knowledge and equip you with practical tools to address healthcare challenges.

Action: Contribute to future regional strategies that will steer the course of Facility Engagement in our province. Your voice matters.

Networking: Enjoy ample networking opportunities in a relaxed and collaborative atmosphere. Share best practices, engage in open discussions, and build your support network.

Summit Sessions

Day 1: April 16th Evening Social Event

The Summit kicks off with an optional evening social reception, offering a relaxed atmosphere for networking and connecting with MSA executives, Project Administrators, and healthcare executives. This will be an excellent opportunity to foster relationships, exchange ideas, and build the camaraderie that is vital to the success of the Facility Engagement Initiative.

Posters from MSAs across the province will be displayed that showcase current and past engagement activities and projects to facilitate knowledge sharing and cross-learning among regions.

Day 2: April 17th Full Day Summit

Opening Remarks: The SSC Facility Engagement Working Group Co-Chairs will set the stage for the day, providing an overarching perspective on the significance of Facility Engagement and its impact on our healthcare system.

Lightning Talks: Engage in dynamic discussions where your colleagues from across MSAs will share their experiences, challenges, and innovative solutions that are making a difference. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable insights on the following topics:

  • Recruitment/Retention: Join insightful discussions on strategies for attracting and retaining physicians. Explore the pivotal role of a positive workplace culture in enhancing physician satisfaction and, subsequently, elevating patient care.
  • Improving Patient Access and Care:  Engage in conversations focused on patient-centric healthcare delivery. Discover innovative approaches to streamline processes, reduced wait times, and enhanced overall patient experience.
  • Physician Health and Wellness: Participate in discussions recognizing the interdependence of physician well-being and exceptional patient care. Explore initiatives promoting mental health awareness, work-life balance, and supportive environments for physicians to deliver optimal care.
  • Transforming How We Care: Explore the evolving landscape of healthcare in discussions centered around holistic and inclusive models. Delve into the impact of healthcare practices on individual and planetary health. Engage in conversations about fostering cultural safety, equity, diversity, and inclusion within healthcare systems. Uncover the advantages of Electronic Health Record (EHR) implementation in revolutionizing data accessibility and patient care.

Panel Discussion: Join the thoughtful exploration into the journey of Facility Engagement and its transformative impact on healthcare in BC. Participants will gain insights into the initiatives providing physicians with a meaningful voice and supporting their involvement in local activities affecting their work and patient care.

Facilitated Table Discussions: Delve into key elements and improved opportunities for informed decision-making that positively influences patient care, enhanced physician experience, and collaborative approaches with the Health Authorities.

Networking Opportunities: Throughout the day, numerous networking breaks will enable you to connect with colleagues, share insights, and establish collaborations. You'll have the chance to build a supportive network of peers who share your commitment to Facility Engagement.

Poster Display: Posters will be viewable throughout the April 17th conference. Breaks are between 10:15-10:45am, noon-1pm, 2:45-3:15pm for poster viewing.


Poster Submissions

Posters from MSAs across the province will be displayed at the conference venue to showcase current and past engagement activities and projects to help foster knowledge sharing and cross-learning among regions.

Plan on Submitting a poster? Please fill out this brief form by Friday, February 16th.

Download the Site Poster Template to get started! The poster should showcase current activities, projects, or initiatives at your site. Instructions are on slide two of the template.

Need inspiration? Check out recent posters from the 2023 Interior FE Showcase Event for helpful examples.

The deadline to submit your poster is Friday, March 22nd, 2024 by emailing it to the Engagement Inbox.

Posters will be available to take with you at the end of the conference at 4pm. Please bring a poster shipping tube for transport if you wish.

UBC CPD Accreditation


Accreditation/Certification statement

The Division of Continuing Professional Development, University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine (UBC CPD) is fully accredited by the Continuing Medical Education Accreditation Committee (CACME) to provide CPD credits for physicians.

This activity is an Accredited Group Learning Activity (Section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and approved by UBC CPD.

You may claim a maximum of 4 hours (credits are automatically calculated).

This one-credit-per-hour Group Learning program meets the certification criteria of the College of Family Physicians of Canada and has been certified by UBC CPD for up to 4 Mainpro+® credits. Each physician should claim only those credits accrued through participation in the activity.

CFPC Session ID: 202413-001

SSC Special MSA Meeting

Invitation: Leveraging the Facility Engagement Summit on April 17th, the Specialist Services Committee (SSC) would like to invite up to two members from each Medical Staff Association to join the SSC’s meeting on the morning of April 18th.

Thursday, April 18, 2024

 8:30am to 11:45am (Breakfast from 7:30-8:30am)

Sheraton Wall Centre, Vancouver (In-Person Only)

Register Here

Originally the SSC special meeting was planned for June 2024; however, due to high hotel rates in Vancouver during the summertime, it was decided to move the date and coordinate with the Facility Engagement event. We hope that by immediately following the FE Provincial Summit, more MSA members will be able to attend the special meeting and that some of the burden and cost of travel will be alleviated.

Purpose: To discuss and identify provincial MSA engagement opportunities with the Ministry of Health and health authorities on key issues and priorities including short-term actions and supports from SSC.

Preliminary Agenda:

  • Where are we today?
    • Current engagement between SSC, Doctors of BC and Ministry of Health.
    • Key provincial themes and issues identified by the MSAs through their local and regional work with HAs.
    • Physician Services Committee priorities to JCCs.
  • Where are we going?
    • Identify top opportunities and supports for physician and MSA provincial engagement with government.

Funding for Participation:

  • Physician MSA representatives will be compensated for the time participating in the event for up to four hours, paid at the JCC Sessional Rate.
  • Accommodation:
    • For participants that require a hotel on the night of April 17th, a room block at the Sheraton Wall Centre Vancouver has been reserved, which you can identify during the registration process.
    • For those who have already registered for the FE Summit and booked your hotel, we will contact the hotel to extend your stay.
    • If you have already made travel arrangements and are required to pay for a change fee (e.g. flight change fee), the SSC will cover the cost.


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