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Jun 20, 2016

Gearing up for full funding

Gearing up for full funding. Many engagement Working Groups are working through the Fund Readiness Checklist and are hoping to be ready for full funding by the fall. The Facility Engagement Leads are prepared with templates, ideas and connections for physicians and Health Authority leaders, so please stay in touch.

Looking for help? Job description templates for assistants, coordinators and managers are available for MSA Working Groups hiring sub-committees. Please feel free to take advantage of these tools and use them as a starting point. They are customizable for a facility's particular needs.

Bringing everyone together. The inaugural meeting of the Physician Engagement Working Group was held last week. This group represents all of the Health Authorities party to the Memorandum of Understanding on Local and Regional Engagement. The group is working together on the application, interpretation, as well as tracking progress of implementation of the MOU.

Secure texting. Physician connectivity and secure texting is a topic we hear a lot about. See “Lessons Learned” for a few hints and tips from the secure texting project at Lions Gate.

Thanks for helping with the app. A big thank you to all of you for helping us build the Bayleaf business solution – the online system to help MSA’s manage the finances, and save time when submitting claims. A number of physicians from MSA’s and Health Authority reps from around the province are helping us define, build and refine the app.  Your tough questions are helping us immeasurably. To learn more about the Bayleaf system, please click here.

May 4, 2016

Crucial business solution for you

In response for the need to streamline physician payments, manage budgets, report and evaluate the Facility Engagement Initiative. Bayleaf Solutions has begun to build the business solution "app”.

Current expectations are that the first version will ready by the end of May. We are seeking start-up engagement societies to help refine the system. If you or other  members have an interest in technology and an understanding of finance, please encourage them to help us test the app. Expect five hours of commitment over the next month. Click here if you are interested in being part of the first “sprint”.

Evaluation framework approved

We are seeking physicians for a  panel. An exceptional team of investigators will be evaluating the facility engagement initiative over the next three years. Chris Lovato, Craig Mitton and Jean-Louis Denis are leading the team with a star-studded advisory panel to guide the way. We are seeking physicians who are keen on evaluation to act as our expert panel. Expect 10 – 15 hours of commitment over the next 6 – 12 months. Click here if interested.

Evaluation Framework.

Inclusion of all voices on the medical staff

With a view to taking a leadership role and including all voices on the medical staff, the Specialists Services Committee has offered clarity on how and when to include the non-physician voices in this initiative. More information to better understand the many ways to include dentists, nurse practitioners, midwives and podiatrists.