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Planning for Engagement

7 Actions to maximize the success of the engagement planning phase

Action 1: Understand the norms of your community

This is important whether your community is a geographical area or a particular group of individuals brought together by virtue of a similar situation or special interest.

  • What is expected of us in this community?
  • What is this community’s preferred approach to engagement?
  • How can we meet this community’s needs through engagement?

How to apply this action

Action 2: Identify clear objectives

  • Why is a particular engagement activity being considered now?
  • What are the desired objectives or outcomes of the engagement activity?
  • Would the development of Terms of Reference help provide clarity?

How to apply this action

Action 3: Identify intended participants and participant groups

  • Which groups or individuals should be involved to meet the objectives or mandate of the engagement?
  • Which groups or individuals would ensure representativeness and/or contribute to your commitments to Truth and Reconciliation? 

How to apply this action

Action 4: Clarify roles and responsibilities in the engagement

  • Are individual participants representing themselves? Or a group of people?
  • What is expected of each person or group in terms of their contribution?

How to apply this action

Action 5: Choose an appropriate level of engagement

  • Which is the appropriate level of engagement for this activity?
    Inform > Consult > Involve > Collaborate > Empower

How to apply this action

Action 6: Choose a specific engagement method or approach

  • What exactly will we do to engage? 
  • Which engagement approach best meets our needs? (e.g., set up an advisory committee, hold a consultation meeting, gather input through a survey, etc.)

How to apply this action

Action 7: Communicate your objectives and expectations around level of influence on decision making

  • How will we transparently communicate the objectives, steps and anticipated outcomes of the engagement to stakeholders?

How to apply this action